It bit at my mind, like a monster. It became me. It defined me. It was me. I could feel its deadly hunger, burning red in my eyes. Black spots filled my vision – filled my mind’s eye. Why wouldn’t they leave me be? They must know that insanity is the best medicine. The medicine, I know, is not a sleeping drug. I cry out from under my hospital bed.

“Sanity!” I open my eyes. The cloned ghosts in white coats around me, thinking I am desperate for a smart, clear mind.

“Sanity is the enemy of a soldier; with modern weapons and new ideas.” An incredible beast rises, deadly tendrils snaking across the floor. As I start to scream the words, they cut me off. The black spots in my vision grow larger, until the creature covers my vision. It is not a beast. It is a cruel but kind thing. Insanity. My one true friend. The one who never left me. The one who never grew apart.

By Elsa Garcia Tobin

Image courtesy of JR Korpa at unsplash.com

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