8th November 1605

Screaming voices, desperate prayers and the burning flames; as if they were snakes squeezing the life out of every victim. It had been just an hour earlier that I’d heard it. The fatal sound that brought thundering whispers of chaos tearing through the town. Looking through the window, I watched a cloud of blazing evil light up the sky- this was when I realised parliament (at least the building) had blown up. November 5th 1605, would be a day no one would forget…

Even now, three days after, one can still see the wide eyed horror gripping onto people’s faces. Order and peace are dying, security and joy already gone.

I’m terrified. I fear for my family and my life as well as the future. I can only pray for mercy. News on the Gunpowder Plot has spread across most of England, already with a range of opinions trailing close behind. Personally, I feel as though I’m living within a nightmare. Of course, it is so much worse for what remains of my family, as my father worked in the government. If Guy Fawkes was willing to kill so many working in parliament, would he be keen on murdering the members of my family too? Not to mention the others who support his decision and happily declare it through the town.

Even now, as I write, peering anxiously through my window, the street looks possessed, frozen as the mist smothers the ground below like the fearful confusion we face now- never knowing what will happen next.
And worst King is dead. England is in a state of crisis. The rebels have taken Princess Elizabeth and are trying to take over our protestant country. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if they will succeed in their plans or even what we shall do to rebuild our country if we have the chance. All I am able to do is hope that myself and all the people of England will survive.


By Katie Hawkins, Year 11

Image courtesy of Siora Photography, at unsplash.com

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