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SVC Christmas Concert 2018!

The sell-out Christmas Concert again took place near the end of term, just before Christmas – this year on the 12th of December. After the stress of rehearsal upon rehearsal, dodging exams in order to get the pieces perfect and the days slipping past in the run up to Christmas, everything went to plan. Once the whole day rehearsal and the frenzy of putting chairs in the right places was over, it was finally time.

The audience filed in, the squabble for seats was over and the opening pieces started to play. After the brilliant showcasing of a pianist, a trombone player and a singer, the groups each had their performances. Groups that performed included Colle Voche girls’ choir, boys’ choir, KS3 choir, Senior choir, Soham community choir, string quintet, orchestra, of course the year 7 choir and other great performers. There was also a number of soloists who did an amazing job, including an original song, and two who read.

The audience seemed to love it and an encore of Merry Christmas everyone was played. There were many Christmas songs that played as well, such as ‘Believe’ from the Polar Express (Year 7 choir) and ‘Viva la Vida’ by KS3 choir. It’s safe to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly because the Cathedral’s heating didn’t cease to work this year.

Written by Gemma Bridges, Year 10

Image courtesy of Steve Halama, at

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