High School Musical – SVC 2019

The annual SVC musical again took place at the end of January, this year showcasing ‘High School Musical’. The childhood favourite portrayed by SVC students was a showstopper; most of the nights sold out, with all the seats filled. Mr K even mentioned that it was ‘the best school production he had ever seen’, and others mentioned that it was ‘well cast’, and had ‘a lot of energy’.

After many rehearsals and a full weekend rehearsal at Burwell House, everyone was looking forward to the end outcome – many teachers and students flocking to see it. The cast had many funny moments, including a tribute to the teachers’ song by some members of the cast, which was undoubtedly hilarious, the teachers laughing along. Everyone put in so much hard work – especially the teachers involved, so it was good that they all had a ‘nice sense of community’.

After the few incredible shows, portraying the impressive dancing, and amazing singing of the cast, they were ‘sad that it was over’, and knew that they would all miss the cast coming together, and performing in front of such a big audience. The commitment that went into the show made it such a fantastic event, and the cast and the teachers involved now have some amazing memories…


By Gemma Bridges (Year 10)

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