Scarlet Murder

The lights flickered. A shadowy figure floated across the room. Everything was silent except from the heavy breathing of a young girl. Then, there it was. Her last words. Her last… shriek.


The lights turned on and the gate opened. All that was left, was the bloody knife that had pierced the girl’s heart… and her last hope. The group of friends all smiled at each other in excitement. Suddenly, the door locked behind them. Anna rapidly searched around the room looking for anything that would help her get them out. The other two stood there in bewilderment, occasionally moving closer to the surrounding objects before stepping back.

“Come on! Help me!” shrieked Anna. Beth and Jane immediately began searching. A couple of minutes passed.

      “I’ve found something!” said Beth, feeling very proud. The others gathered round. She unravelled the piece of paper. ‘12332-44267-899001’. What could it mean?


Written by Esther Hawkins

Photo by Andalucia on

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