World Book Day

The same question is posed every year: what is world book day? What is its purpose? Is it just celebrating books?

Back for the 21st year, marked in more than 100 countries, World Book Day is more than just about books: it is an essential opportunity for children at primary and secondary school to engage and to be inspired – to promote reading for pleasure and to reiterate that reading can be enjoyable. The main aim is to present to children the magical power of books, and primarily involve primary school students by having a day where they can dress up as their favourite book character.

In a world being overtaken by the thrall of technology, it is imperative that we educate children not just through a screen, but by written words. Surrounded by screens all day, then escaping through a book, can also improve your mental health. It is proven that it strengthens the muscles in your brain, can help you wind down after a long, stressful day, and it can even improve skills like memory and focus over time.

Evidence also suggests that children who read for enjoyment can perform better in reading tests, develop a broader vocabulary, have increased knowledge and have a better understanding of other cultures. There’s also evidence to suggest that reading determines how well you do at school more than your social and economic background. This is why World Book Day is important to help children develop their knowledge and understanding to help them in later life. World Book Day helps children, by giving them a £1 book token, so that they can purchase books of their very own, beneficial especially to those who don’t have the money to buy books for themselves.

Therefore, because World Book Day is such an important event, the library at SVC has events aimed at year 7 and 8 students. In their English lessons, they will go to the resource centre and participate in a number of exciting activities: in 2018 they got to make their own character out of modelling clay and name it, as well as each taking a book out of the library to read, designed a book token, and each contributed to the tree made out of paper, by writing their favourite book on it. It was a great way to engage and involve them in World Book day, and to encourage reading.  Now, World Book Day 2019 beckons…


By Gemma Bridges (Year 10)

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