5 ways learning an instrument can change your life

Learning an instrument is definitely time-consuming, tiresome and somewhat frustrating. When I was younger, my dad taught me how to play guitar. Honestly, it was not something I was overly passionate about at the time. Consequently, I stopped learning and this caused my dad to come to the disappointing realisation that his daughter would not become a guitar prodigy. In years after that, I could never get past the initial difficulty in taking up an instrument and devoting my time to it. After going through patches of learning Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano and Ukulele, I embraced the notion that I was not destined for the musical world. However, 4 years later (at the start of last year), I decided to take up guitar again. Gradually, I became obsessed with the enjoyment that came with playing electric guitar. For that, I have my dad to thank for introducing the instrument to me at a young age. I can say that learning an instrument has changed my life.



It gives you something to talk about

Before learning guitar, when someone told me if I had any hobbies then my mind would go blank and I wouldn’t know what to say. But now being able to describe this interest to others, it can often be a conversation starter. Whether it’s someone that is just vaguely interested in the instrument, or whether you find like-minded people that share that same affiliation with your instrument as you, it really does ensue a great discussion. Who knows, you may even make new friends.

It gives you something to be proud of 

Knowing that you can play an instrument can definitely be a confidence boost. This can be a lifetime hobby, with infinite enjoyment that will never run out; my dad has been playing for 44 years, and continues to play guitar and bass guitar frequently! It can be a pastime that will forever make you feel good, knowing that you’ve done something that is at least mildly engaging. Showing others what you can do is often rewarding; they can often be surprised by your capability.

It can be that hobby that stops you from getting bored

Perhaps sitting on the sofa and watching TV is getting boring, and you can’t shake that feeling that you’re missing out on something interesting. Anything interesting. On the other hand, perhaps you have so much on your schedule that you are missing a necessary break. Playing an instrument is a very effective use of that time, and is the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity.

It enhances concentration skills

Over time, playing an instrument will increase your ability to be able to concentrate for certain lengths of time. Spending 30 minutes a day learning new songs helps with perseverance and might even be helpful in class, when you are struggling with something. Your instrument of choice might also be beneficial to motor skills – moving hands around is relative to most instruments. Over time, you may find that your hands become more handy!

It can be a stress reliever           

Whether you feel anxious for no reason or whether you’re stressed after a busy day, playing an instrument can take your mind off of whatever it is that is getting you down. However, it is not only a distraction. It can also easily change your mood -playing a happy song is statistically shown to uplift your mood and consequently change your outlook on the day.


By Lauren Hook, Year 10

Images courtesy of Lauren Hook, and Brooklyn at unsplash.com

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