Year 8 and the Young Author Project

Many students struggle to decide what they want to be when they leave school and it’s even harder to bring your own passion into a career that will one-day need to pay the bills. For a group of year 8 students though, it’s a little bit easier to imagine with the Young Author Project.
The Young Author Project is the brainchild of Cara Thurlbourn, a  published author who has said “My goal with the Young Author Project is to show students who love to write but think they’re not good enough, or that it won’t lead anywhere, that it can.”
A group of ten students have joined me in B10 since October in learning about the world of publishing and will finish with their own work published and available to buy on the amazon website, based around the theme of discovery. They might not grow up to be JK Rowling, but having your own writing published is a dream come true for them all.
A term into the project and we have examined why people write novels, what novels look like and begun to look at the challenge of a complete story only consisting of 600 – 800 words. Maybe it seems like a lot when you’ve got to write a history essay, but 800 words is hardly anything when you’re trying to craft a world of characters and adventure.
Over the Christmas holidays, the students have written their drafts and we will start looking at the editing process. For some, it will be finding exciting new words to describe their ideas, to others it will be cutting down their story to fit that harsh word goal. It’s a testament to the determination of these students that they have continued to work for so long on a single piece and I am proud of their resilience.

I’ve included a teaser of one of those wonderful stories below. While I can’t take any new members on this year, if you’re in year 7 now and would like to know more about signing up for next year, please come and talk to me in B10!


An excerpt, by Elsa Garcia-Torbin:
We sat by the river, and she took a book from her bag. I did not think to question what she was doing for a second. As soon as the book had been taken out from her bag and placed by the river, it felt as though everything was a billion times sharper, clearer. It was as though the whole world had been asleep and muffled, but it was finally alive and awake again. Ellie turned to face me. She told me a story, one I shall never forget. One of a river that had seen a thousand wars, a river that was older than time.

Members of the Young Author Project: Freya Alexander
Elijah Faulkner
Maxwell Masters
Angelina Larghero
Elsa Garcia-Torbin
Holly Arlow
Katherine Kirkham

Written by Miss Miners

Images courtesy of The Young Author Project and Hannah Ollinger at