Why you should take up boxing (either seriously or as a hobby)

Need more on your personal statement? CV not looking so hot? Well allow me to suggest boxing to help knock out the competition. From my own experience I can say that employers do see value in candidates with a history of boxing. This is due to the discipline and commitment needed in order to perform at a higher level (if this appears to be an option for you).
Even if you’ve got the heavyweight champion of CVs, the personal development available through training helps build confidence and social skills. Developing a high level of self-confidence is key in many areas of life. Exams, applying for a job, asking your crush out or even just being a more appealing person to be around. Boxing is a phenomenal way to do this as you find a strength within yourself the more work you put in – as the results from training can be both instant and long term.
Should performing not seem an option for you, being able to defend yourself without the need for weapons is an extremely valuable ability to have. Boxing`s fairly low skill floor enables you to pick up basic techniques very quickly and develop a method of self-defence without the intensity seen in sports such as Muay Thai.
Football, netball and rugby becoming too much of a bore? Look no further. These three sports are how many people spend a majority of their sport based time. This can get boring very quickly (or even after a few years). The extreme shift from these team sports to putting faith in yourself and your coach may help invigorate sports for you or at least provide you with a sport-based outlet, should you burn yourself out playing whichever sport you currently do.


For those of you who don’t participate in sport, who do not have an outlet, maybe boxing is for you. As anyone who has ever punched something will tell you, it helps release pent up emotion in a safe and most importantly LEGAL manner. Let me tell you, as someone who has been in their fair share of fights both inside and outside the ring… it`s always better to resolve a violent hankering inside the ring where the two of you will not face repercussions. Don’t want to actually hurt someone? No worries. Punching bags (no, not your younger siblings), can also act as a suitable method of release, if not better at times, seeing as they won’t hit you back!
Having a boxing background has given me an insight in dietary information, biomechanical knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of how the body and mind work under pressure and during training. If courses regarding PE, Psychology or biology appeal to you I can highly recommend taking up boxing in order to learn the details of how to correctly diet as well as how the muscles and bones work together in your body to create speed and power.


Written by Ex-student and boxer Kyran Humphries

Images courtesy of Hermes Rivera and Michael Uebler @unsplash.com

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