Existence: A Dystopian Short Story

Keeping to the shadows of the tall characterless buildings, I cautiously make my way home; way past curfew.  I try to be light on my feet, so footsteps don’t echo off of the concrete walls.  I dare not breathe, and can feel the beat of my heart pounding in my head.

The streets are deserted, roadways empty but I sense that something is watching me.  My eyes flit nervously from side to side, but I can see nothing.

The silhouettes of skeleton trees stand against the blackened, starless sky.

Even the moon is hiding behind a cloud, afraid to cast any light over this lifeless city.  Street lamps are so dimly lit , like tired sleepy eyes; maybe that’s what’s watching me.


The life rules have changed here, polluting the world we were used to living in, oppressive societal control suffocating all hopes and well-being – like a plague, wiping out lives.

Our networks and communication are broken, like severed arteries, cutting off our existence, with the life we once knew.

We exist in a new world now.

Death has not come yet, but may as well…


Story written by Connor Mingay, Year 7.

Images courtesy of Alex Knight and dragonpan @unsplash.com