Sports Leaders

Coming into year 10, there was a new opportunity for us: Sports Leaders. When I first saw this, I signed up, knowing that it would be the type of activity and leadership I would be interested in. The course runs alongside core PE lessons, and you learn lots of skills throughout the year in order to be able to finally plan and run a game for primary school children. Leading up to this, there have been opportunities for us to help referee tournaments for primary school children. These included rugby, netball, hockey, and tennis.

The two tournaments I refereed were netball and hockey. First of all, for the netball we had 3 hours of training the day before so quickly learnt that high-5 netball has slightly different rules to the netball that gets played in PE lessons (7 aside). Although it was similar, rules such as allowing four seconds to hold the ball instead of three created more of a challenge for us, as it was more to remember. However we soon got the hang of it and looked forward to soon refereeing the netball tournament later in the week.

At the tournament it was quite cold – outside on the SVC tennis courts. There were many schools that slowly started to arrive, the colours creating a rainbow as they all came together for the introduction and dance of ‘wavin’ flag’. Each school represented a country; this meant that they each got to stand up and have everyone cheer for them – a principal boost of confidence. Most of the sports leaders were two to a court, with one on each side, with a maximum of 12 matches overall to referee. Each match was seven minutes long, and at the end there was a final play off to declare the winner.

It seemed like all the primary school children had a good time, and so did all the sports leaders (especially when we joined in with the ‘wavin’ flag’ dance!).

Eventually, near the end of the summer term, we got the chance to present our games to the primary school year sixes, so that they could play them. Contrasting to the chill in the air from the refereeing, it was a very sunny day, calling for many drink refills, especially for those who presented their games on the school field instead of inside.

After an introduction, dynamic warm up and sorting into teams, the games commenced, and leadership skills were tested as the games unfolded. With fatigued yet happy smiles, the year sixes ran around the areas assigned to them in various different creative games, finishing on a well deserved cool down and a trip to the water fountain.

Perhaps you’d like to develop your confidence? Or improve your leadership skills? Or create a game? Perhaps you should become a sports leader…

Photo by Fahami M. on Unsplash

By Gemma Bridges, Editor in Chief

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