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The Christmas Market

The winter was cold and unforgiving. The cold had bitten away at the crops and now food was scarce… at least for the poor. However, the rich could indulge in luxurious food, all at their command.

I sat in my usual spot, watching people pass by. Very few people noticed me, or simply didn’t care – it was as if there was a great wall between us, excluding me from the rest of the world. I sighed.

Across the street lights were sprinkled along the fences. My eyes followed them. The rail ended, and there stood the Christmas market, stalls surrounding a giant tree. Each ornament was carefully placed amongst the viridian branches, and a star was delicately topping the tree. Music and laughter overflowed in the market, flooding into the streets.

Joy was everywhere. Except from where I was. Here I was drowning in gloom and misery. I closed my eyes.

“This is for you” said an unfamiliar but warm voice. I opened my eyes and looked down. Joy filled my heart.

By Esther Hawkins

Photo by on Unsplash

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