Excitement of Christmas

I slept, unsettled. Tomorrow is the day. Christmas! I knew I couldn’t sleep, but I also knew I had to for Santa to leave my presents. I had been on my best behaviour all year. I snuggled into the blanket, and flicked my light off. Eyes closed. Waiting in anticipation.

I awoke unaware of anything. Then it clicked. Christmas! I bounded into my parents’ room, and jumped on their bed, shaking uncontrollably, screaming excitedly at the top of my lungs. My parents drowsily awoke, telling me to quiet down.

We went downstairs, and I dashed into the living room, flicking the light on, grinding to a halt by the tree and scanning around it, searching for my name on those oh-so-wonderful gift tags. I found one as my parents walked in. I tore it open, my face full of anticipation. Yes! I got the lego gift I had wanted for ages. My eyes lit up upon seeing this, and I rushed up to my parents – as I forgot to write my list they had called up Santa and told him about it. I tore open the box, excited to build. My dad sat next to me and helped me. We then later visited family, and sat and ate a grand feast.

That night I slept with a full belly and a relaxed mind.

By Kieran Martin, Year 9

Photo by Mourad Saadi on Unsplash

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