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Brooklyn 99 Review: Doughnuts and Bad Guys and how not to view your local police officers…

Many see the Brooklyn 99 series as “that one Andy Samburg cop comedy”; however, it’s so much more than that. You may be thinking that this series is far too long winded to be interesting and comedic although having taken the time to watch it, I can assure you that it only gets better.

With an already hilarious cast and a chortle-worthy script, you can’t imagine how funny this show gets. The first season starts off with an introduction to how life at the precinct is and a sort of character background check including all of their funniest and most iconic moments. Unfortunately, when routine at the precinct is stirred up by the rigid Captain Holt, the jokes seem to become even more relatable. Not only does the series progress in a directional sense but it maintains its light hearted warmth that brings me to uncontrollable laughter every time.

Romance is another big part of the show that gets overlooked. Jake Peralta, played by the infamous Andy Samburg, jokingly pokes fun at his uneventful and dusty love life until the incredulous “Jamy” ship name comes into play, most characters finding their match except Scully who seems to be content with his old-aged loneliness. Not to give too much away but the plots thickens in later seasons as some relationships thrive and others falter.

The biggest part of being a detective is the action and it’s fair to say that the Brooklyn 99 series sure does pack a punch with its tense shoot-out scenes and pain-stakingly funny stakeouts. We witness development in further episodes as past characters unsurface earning themselves not always a positive reputation. One thing I cannot ignore though is Jake’s intermittent enemy named Doug Judy, a meticulous criminal known for tricking the eye with his sly and disguised intentions. As he returns in later-on episodes we grow to like him too soon before he betrays the detectives at the nine-nine leaving the season on a steep cliffhanger as to what happens next.

By Arielle Phillips, Year 11

Image courtesy of Patrick Tomasso

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