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A Whisper in the Wind… A Valentine’s Day Poem


The wind is always listening,

tapping at your window,

playing with your hair.

You may sometimes forget,

but the wind is always there.


When you whisper a secret,

the window grabs it and holds on tight;

it knows things you have already forgotten,

like the first time you laughed,

or the first time you cried.


The Wind knows you better than yourself,

because the wind does not forget;

sometimes you can hear it crying.

Can you hear it now?

Is it banging at your window?

Or tapping on the glass?

Which ever it may be,

the wind is always there.


So next time you say something,

think it through with care.

You may be alone,

but there’s always someone listening,

someone who does not forget.

someone who is taking down your every word with care.



By Elena Stead Di Quinzio, Year 10

Image courtesy of Dawid Zawila

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