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Love is Hard to Define… A Valentine’s Day Poem


Love is hard to define.

Love is the way you look at someone, to not only see the good, but see the stars, the stretch marks, the tears that dried years ago.  To see each and every part of them, to see all the demons, and still think that person is beautiful; not because of the demons, but despite them.

Love is the way you think of someone, and can’t help but smile, because being with them is beautiful.  Because even the memory of them makes you feel better.  Like sitting by the fire in the pouring rain.  Because they feel like home.

Love is beautiful like a painting torn at the edges- because that’s still art.  Why should one mistake ruin and entire piece?

Love is waking up and thinking of someone and realising you never want to be without them.

Love is not perfection.  Love is scarred and broken, but getting up and trying again because of hope – love is based on hope.

Love is hoping that the person you’re thinking of feels the same way because you couldn’t bear to live without them.  Losing them would be like losing an arm.

Love is fear, love is hope.  Love is beautiful, and love is a hundred other things.

Love is indescribable because it isn’t a single emotion, it’s all of them.

That’s what love is.


By a talented Year 10 pupil.

Image courtesy of Paul Blenkhorn

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