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Will you ever know… A Valentine’s Day Poem


When did my feelings get so deep?

And why did this cause me to be so distraught?

Why was I viewed a creep?

Just because of these feelings I caught


From his contagious smile to his marvellous eyes

he has me under his spell.

But I am just filled with lies

as he doesn’t know how I feel and I don’t think I’ll ever tell.


When you are sad it hits me like thunder;

your eyes pierce me like a knife.

This does leave me to wonder

I now know you’re the love of my life.


You make my head spin with every glance;

It is such a thrill.

Please let me have a chance.

I don’t think you know my feelings and now you never will.



By Scarlett Airey, Year 10

Image courtesy of Annette Sousa

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