The Ocean of my Soul

When the rain comes,

She is there to comfort.

When the pain hurts,

She is there to heal.

When the sadness fills me up,

She is there to wash away the pain.


Like a river,

Flowing, graceful,

Who always finds her way back to the ocean,

Just as she finds her way back to me.


When I am a lost boat,

She is the lighthouse that guides me back safely to her shores


When I am desperate and hopeless,

She is the whale’s song that brings me back to happiness and joy


When I am alone in all I do,

She is the breeze that catches my sails to drive me on.


She, who has filled me so full with love,

Is the truest love my spirit shall know,

For she is the water of my soul,

And the ocean of my heart.

By Maxwell Masters, Year 9

Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash

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