Valentine’s Day: Sanguine


Sanguine sunsets
The sky was ablaze:
Lit up with the fiery flashes of crimson,
Bleeding into the orange and fuchsia rays.
Flocks of birds sang in unison
At the gradually fading light.

Streaks of mellow gold bloomed across the soft-dying day,
Grazing the waves with warmth as they climb towards the sand,
Glowing as it settled upon my face, filling me to the brim with peace.
Where the illuminating clouds lay
Where the sky meets the land,
A crisp circle of sunlight ignites a path across the water.

The sun continued to set, drowning in the horizon.
Ships of amethyst set sail across the sky
Darkening the heavens above.
Flocks of birds now with a mourning cry
Joining me in the endless love
Of the sanguine sunsets.

As the last of the sunset fades into the darkness; I watch, knowing
The light will always return with the promise of a new dawn…


Written by an anonymous student in Year 10.

Image courtesy of V2osk

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