An Ode to Coffee

Steam swirls and dances in the air,
a complex path so delicately intertwined.
A sweet smell swirls in the mug below where,
The perfect cup of coffee I may find.

Its deep black core does swell with heat,
This warmth the mug does quickly meet,
The smooth black drink that quenches thirst
in the morning I have first.

On the coldest nights it warms me up;
Heat and joy all in one cup.
It helps me wake in the morning
Helps stow away the tired yawning.

Because of this it’s liked the most.
To me not many drinks come close
So dark and rich, it tastes the best.
These things are why it beats the rest.


Written by an anonymous Year 10 student.

Image courtesy of Danijela Froki

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